The Power of a Bold Lipstick


In the famed words immortalised by Elizabeth Taylor, “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together,” they marked an era of unprecedented women’s rights movement. For the first time, a cosmetic product would be on the forefront of a powerful movement inspiring resilience and solidarity. Or perhaps we shall remember those words merely because Elizabeth Taylor was a woman who possessed unrivalled beauty. Regardless, the sentiment has survived. With a bullet of lipstick, our will is resilient and undefeatable.


Pictured Below: Limited Edition Chanel Rogue Allure Velvet 58 Rogue Vie


I first discovered the lipstick at the ripe age of eleven. There I was, perched on my mother’s vanity as I watched her swipe a vivid shade of crimson across her lips. From that point on, I would find opportunities to sneak into my mother’s room to play with her lipstick. My application was far from perfect. In fact, if I were to put it kindly, I was only a few steps away from looking like the joker. Nevertheless, I relished in those moments where I could shamelessly pout my lips together, and imitating an air of dignity like a model in a magazine, parade around the house. My infatuation with cosmetics blossomed from that point; my affinity for a bold lip never died…


Pictured: MAC Morange

The mouth is a pretty thing. It is well practiced in the art of laughter, kisses, and speech.

I hope when you laugh, your hair is carelessly thrown back and the sound erupts from the pit of your stomach. Your mouth is split wide like a half moon. You lipstick, the colour of blood orange, has smudged a little on your front teeth because of your infectious laugh.

I hope when you kiss, your scarlet pout quiver at such an intimate touch. You leave your mark on him and a little something more to be desired. Those kisses will trade secrets of sensuous affairs. Affairs of red roses and irrational promises whispered behind closed doors.  

I hope when you speak, you assert words of challenges and triumphs. Your beautiful mouth form vowels that illuminate hope and solidarity. And then comes the familiar language of love that transcends beyond the boundaries of geography and ideology.



And perhaps that’s the power of a bold lipstick. It defies conformation, and wields itself as weapon of unapologetic confidence.



Written by Ashley Yuan

Photography by Ashley Yuan and Linda Li

Photography edited by Linda Li