Three Super Easy and Delicious Cocktail Recipes


These gorgeous cocktails not only look good but taste divine. Crispy, refreshing and bursting with fruity flavours, we’ve used mango vodka as an inspiration behind all three concoctions. Lightweight and full of juicy punch, mango vodka is the way to go when creating these super chic and feminine drinks for an afternoon with your gal pals. Best of all these recipes require zero bartending skills so rest assured you can’t go wrong!

Let us know down in the comments below what your favourite cocktail drink is! We’re always on the lookout for new inspirations.


Sunny South Iced Cocktails

Just imagine an idyllic spring afternoon lounging under the sun. Iced tea is literally the best thing since sliced bread. A fruitful blend of ice tea and mango vodka is just the drink for those picturesque spring days. Served over a glass of ice, fill in most of the glass with iced tea before adding a splash of lemon lime soda and mango vodka. Garnish we a lemon wedge and there you have it, the perfect drinks to share around with your girls on a sunny spring afternoon.



Cranberry Mango Island

Cranberry juice and ginger ale really bring out the island punch from this mango vodka. Fill almost half the glass with cranberry juice over the ice. Pour in an equal measure of ginger ale. Finally add a splash or a shot of mango vodka. Garnish with a wedge of orange and you have your delectable island juice. Think: Red sunsets over the sizzling islands of the Caribbean.



Lemon Lime Mango Spritz

Who can say no to a fizzy concoction of lemon lime and mango vodka. It’s the perfect quickie cocktail to quench your thirst for something bubbly and sweet. Super easy to make after a long day, the medley of lemon lime and mango notes create an explosion of citrus flavours. Fill up a glass with ice and lemon lime soda. Depending on how tipsy you want to get, either go heavy hand with the mango vodka or go in with just a splash.


Photography by Linda Li

Photos edited by Linda Li

Written by Ashley Yuan