About Us

“The allure and luxe girl is youthful, spirited and contemporary. Her silhouette evokes her carefree spirit. She is impeccable in style, taste and beauty. She is a modern girl with her defining aesthetic”



Ashley is a student at the University of Auckland studying; law, accounting, and marketing. Besides enduring her studies, she can be defined by her affinity to trends that are timeless and chic. On a Sunday, you’ll either find her lounging lethargically on her bed, flicking through another Audrey Hepburn film. Or, in the library daydreaming out of her studies. 


Linda was raised in Macau and New Zealand. Travelling between continents has ignited her insatiable wanderlust. She currently studies Events and Management in hopes of chasing down a dream career of planning exquisite weddings for brides’ to be. This blog is a platform for her aesthetic eye and a creation of all things contemporary and alluring…


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